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Small business solutions

InnovQuest offers cutting edge solutions to businesses that wish to step into the modern age and adopt advanced technologies as the means to run the business.

  • Optimise your IT budget with Cloud Computing 
  • Agile Application Development and Delivery
  • Affordable Enterprise-class Solutions


Cloud based Solutions

Microsoft Windows Azure Platform, the perfect cloud computing infrastructure for your business needs.


Custom Enterprise Solutions

We deliver cost effective and reliable enterprise application services.


Database Application Conversion

we also specialize in migrating existing legacy applications to the cutting edge technologies

Who is InnovQuest ?

Today’s enterprises are more spontaneous and demanding than it was a few years back. Results need to be quicker and long standing. Productivity requirements are higher and keep on growing with each moment. The efficiency and competency of the business applications which form the exoskeleton of the enterprise have a direct influence on the overall performance of the employees and the firm itself. These applications have become as much relevant for the enterprise as the man power it employs.

InnovQuest brings cost effective custom solutions to your software and services needs.

A-Z Solutions to Small Enterprises


Website related Services

As a leading web company, InnovQuest has extensive web design and development skills, expertise and experience to establish your Internet Presence.


Customer Relationship Management

We make it possible for small abusinesses to choose CRM based solutions that fits their deployment preference and exact business needs today.



News & Events

InnovQuest starting to offer services in project planning solutions in US after its successful launch of the first planning solution in UAE in 2010.

InnovQeust offers its service in MS Azure platform to leverage Microsoft's most advanced solution which provides more scalability and zero down time by deploying applications on cloud.