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Cloud based Solutions

Microsoft Windows Azure Platform, the perfect cloud computing infrastructure for your business needs.


Custom Enterprise Solutions

We deliver cost effective and reliable application services.


Database Application Conversion

we also specialize in migrating existing legacy applications to the cutting edge technologies

About us

InnovQuest offers cutting edge products and services targeted at small and medium enterprises who intend to Migrate their legacy applications to the cutting edge technologies to be able to keep up with tne rapidly changing customer demands. The company has facilitated the smooth transition of many enterprises from the conventional on-premise systems to the more advanced and versatile application model. With proven credentials and expertise, we assist Small and medium enterprises in setting up web applications which allow them to offer their partners and employees a level of all-inclusive collaboration which they have never experienced before.

Our key area of interest is the development of new business applications, migrating existing legacy system to the current demanding technologies. Since this requires an entirely different kind of approach in terms of strategy, conceptualization and development, we have absorbed highly skilled hands into our teams.

InnovQuest’s leadership team comprises of some of the best minds in the industry. Having pushed the pedal to the metal in the sector, the strategists, developers and advisers who form the leadership team are accomplished players in the arena and are well aware of pulse of the rapidly growing technology.

It’s the combined efforts of these assets, experienced and fresh talent alike, which enable us to offer our clients the finest and capable applications. We attribute our success to our teams which work round the clock, conceiving ground breaking ideas that are backed by dominant technical competence. Customer focus and the attainment of the business goals via the application is a priority that always has its significance and all our efforts are directed towards meeting there vital demands.


News & Events

InnovQuest starting to offer services in project planning solutions in US after its successful launch of the first planning solution in UAE in 2010.

InnovQeust offers its service in MS Azure platform to leverage Microsoft's most advanced solution which provides more scalability and zero down time by deploying applications on cloud.